Celebrating Veganuary at Ritu​

With Veganuary right around the corner, we are keen for guests to taste our delicious Vegan menu, which showcases traditional recipes with a Vegan twist. 

Veganism is already extremely popular in India, with many traditional dishes being Vegan. 24% of the Indian population is Vegan, making our Vegan menu all the more authentic, versatile and bursting with delicious flavours and spices. 

The menu includes delicacies such as Carrot and Coriander soup to start, Jackfruit Masala and Vegetable Alleppey for main courses as well as delicious side dishes such as Dal Tadka. There are also some specialty cocktails available, such as our Mirchi Mango Masti, which is sure to tantalise your tastebuds with a white rum base, mango puree, fresh lime, and a kick of chilli.

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