As its name suggests, Ritu is inspired by the distinctive seasons of India and the seasonal culinary art that adapts to the local produce. From forty degree heat in high summer, through to months of never ending rain in Monsoon Season, the land and the produce grown in India is ever changing.

The focus is on the six Indian seasons that differentiates from the four seasons of western nations. The rhythm, flow and transformation that these seasons bring to the natural landscape translate into everything from menu through to the décor.

This dining experience is infused with distinctiveness and elegance. 

Our Team

Anubhav Srivastava

Owner & Founder

The restaurant and concept is the brainchild of Anubhav Srivastava. An experienced restaurateur, passionate about bringing the authentic Indian food of his heritage and sharing it with the people of the UK, where he was born and raised.

Anubhav was born and raised in London but has always stayed true to his Indian heritage. With a degree in Finance and an entrepreneurial mind, Anubhav established himself in a very competitive market in Chennai, India

His business strategy included two award-winning restaurants in Chennai – including The KNK Project (local Indian cuisine) which recently won the best restaurant of the year.

The success of these restaurants only propelled him to conceptualise this unique concept from his experience and learnings in India, and thus, Ritu was born.

“Ritu is a project that has been in my mind for a very long time. With the Hospitality Industry about to burst back to life and the availability of this beautiful venue in St John’s Wood, now is the perfect time to turn this dream into a reality. I can’t wait to welcome guests into Ritu and share with them our incredible cuisine.”

29-07-2021 RITU - POSH COCKNEY-61

Navin Prasad

Executive Chef

Culinary Director Navin Prasad is no stranger to opening and running successful, high-end restaurants. He has twenty five years of kitchen and business experience in venues all around the world. Navin left London in 2012 and spent 8 years travelling across India and understanding the richness of the cuisine. To his surprise there were some amazing dishes that had never made it out of the Country, until now.

Whilst in India, Navin moved his theme of research to Rajasthan where he learned their cuisine under renowned Chef, Arvind Saraswat. The influence of climatic conditions on cuisine was the focus of learning in this desert region. He was struck by the richness of food and its capacity to be unique and scientific. 

In London Navin has worked as head chef at a number of well known restaurants including Benares in Mayfair and Zaika of Kensington.

“My philosophy of cooking is to use the traditional and showcase it in a way accepted today. That is exactly what we have set out to achieve at Ritu.”

Ragbir Sinha John

General Manager

Shoeb Haider

Head Chef

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