The taste of Grishma Ritu: The Indian summer season

Summer is upon us: the time of year when the Earth’s tilt thrusts us into the path of the sun’s rays, where clouds migrate to a cooler land, and life thrives.

With the arrival of a new season comes a refreshed menu here at Ritu. We have done what we do best, and crafted new, innovative and daring dishes that take the very essence of Summer and transform it into a culinary experience.

We have taken the Summer sun, squeezed out its celestial juices like a lemon, and created a unique menu with a range of exciting flavour profiles, from zesty to earthy tones and from hot, daring marinades to cooling, mellow masalas.

We have reinvented many old classics, presenting delicious, authentic flavours rooted firmly in local regions of India.

Here are just some of the incredible new dishes on the new Summer A La Carte menu…

Paneer Ghee Roast Masala

This popular dish from the west coast city of Mangalore is all about indulgence. Cottage cheese fingers tossed in a masala laden with Desi Ghee.

Limbu Wali Jingha

This zesty prawn preparation is a rich marinade with a tinge of Kaffir leaves and lime and cooked in the Tandoor – a dish that bursts with flavour.

Saoji Mutton Curry 

This lamb preparation from the region of Maharashtra has never failed to impress with its unique flavours and heat. Made with Black cumin, stone moss and red chillies, and finished with dry coconut.

Experience the Indian Summer season this year at Ritu.

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Indian summer season
Indian summer season
Indian summer season

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