Embracing Game Season at Ritu

This time of year is often acknowledged as ‘Game Season’ by the meat industry. Game is any wild animal hunted for the means of food production – think small birds, deer, and anything else not usually domesticated. 

So much of what is eaten in India is influenced by the surrounding climate and resources naturally made available, and this is what brought Ritu to life in the first place. That’s why we’re ready to embrace game season with a four course tasting menu.

Game season has opened the doors to a whole new world of culinary excellence at Ritu. We invite you to explore the flavours and textures of a select range of game meats, including venison, guineafowl and wild boar, incorporated into delectable traditional Indian recipes crafted to perfection. 

Relish in the diversity of new tastes game season has to offer at Ritu until 21st November. 

To book your table, click here or call 020 3857 2754. 

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